PREMIERE | Audiovisual Artist LEViT∆TE Pushes Wild Sound Design With “Among Trees”

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Don’t you love it when a new track leaves you as a bumbling puddle on the floor? I sure do. Our latest premiere comes from sound design specialist LEViT∆TE, and one thing is certain, his new single, “Among Trees” has no mercy in mind for anyone.

Ominous pick ups and warbling wubs set an eerie tone for the sedated voice that chants in the background, but just as the haunting air seems to lift, a devastating drop of mechanized madness crashes onto the scene. The sensory overload that ensues is paralyzing, as sinister saws and bass synths wreak havoc in the most jagged of ways.

Get an exclusive listen to LEViT∆TE’s “Among Trees” below before his debut LP, Legacy, drops in full tomorrow, December 10. Enjoy!

LEViT∆TE – Among Trees