PREMIERE | London-Based Cameron Bloomfield Pairs Smooth & Gritty Sounds On New Single “Lazarus”

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London-based singer & songwriter Cameron Bloomfield makes his TSIS debut for the premiere of his impressive new song “Lazarus” and it’s instantly made me a fan. He has a hazy, bluesy sound that pairs lofi production with gritty guitar riffs and slick singing. He’s found a way to blend elements of funk, jazz, soul and more on the stunning song that shows off his both undeniable songwriting skills and vocal range. Check out the song below along with the dreamy video and enjoy!

“It was at a time when I was living out of a bag a lot of the time, sleeping on mate’s sofas (I was never without a home but I’ve always needed to get out of my comfort zone) and travelling around seeing friends at different unis around the country with little to no money, jumping trains and all that. In essence it’s all about the power of perspective. The line ‘like tripping in the womb, if you conceive it we’ll be born again soon’ sums up the whole message, and it summarises that time of my life. It was a period of a lot of travelling in solitude with no conscious direction but knowing that I was heading to a better place if I focused on the things that I truly loved. The music came afterwards.” Cameron Bloomfield

Cameron Bloomfield – Lazarus