PREMIERE | Glide Along To Loverground’s Dreamy Lo-Fi Tune “Be Patient”


We’re totally in love with the mellow and groovy vibes that lo-fi house can bring, and we may have found a new place to find them. “Be Patient” is the third single from Loverground, aka Kevin Erlicher, a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has previously fronted indie band Smooth Ends. Showcasing some range across the three tracks, we’re already intrigued by the sounds and styles that Loverground has managed to craft. “Be Patient” is a soothing song that creates a nice atmosphere with a lo-fi feel.

Layering in waves of dreamy synths atop a downtempo house beat, Kevin’s smooth vocals provide some reassuring sentiments to “break through” whatever it is that’s holding you back. Once the warming bassline kicks in, those troubles truly do seem to melt away into Loverground’s breezy melodies. 

The track officially drops tomorrow via Majestic Casual, but listen to our exclusive premiere below. Enjoy!

Loverground – Be Patient