PREMIERE | Lucid Vision, Mass Relay, & MIrTyme Drop “Chillin With The Roommates,” Announce New Music Collective

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At TSIS, we love to show off the musical talent that comes from our home base of Denver. Today we have an abundance of goodies from the talented bass slinger Lucid Vision: a massive premiere of the collaboration track “Chillin With The Roomates” and an exciting announcement.

On “Chillin With The Roomates,” Lucid Vision is joined by Mass Relay and MIrTyme. From the start, this tune is filled with glitchy percussion and bass textures. Tripped-out vocals from Lucid Vision himself flit in and out of the background, occasionally dancing with the wubs and heavy bass drops on the chorus. As the song title suggests, this track would be the perfect soundtrack for a sesh with friends.

Tasty beats aren’t the only thing Lucid Vision, Mass Relay, and MIrTyme have been cooking up together. These three also just announced the full roster of their newly formed Timeless Music Collective, which is dedicated to amplifying underrepresented independent artists in the bass music community. The full roster of artists includes (in alphabetical order): Coalesce, Homemade Spaceship, Funkstatik, Lucid Vision, Mass Relay, MIDIcinal, MIrTyme, MR.MR., nok nok, Oomah, Spirah, and Still Point.

We can’t wait to hear more of the bangers this group of talented artists is sure to put out. Timeless Music Collective will be putting on their first event as a group at Schmiggity’s in Steamboat, CO January 7th, 2023. Until then, make sure to check out this exclusive premiere of “Chillin’ With The Roommates” below. Enjoy!

Lucid Vision, Mass Relay, MlrTyme – Chillin With The Roommates