PREMIERE | Max Fry Pairs 808s & Ukuleles In Charming New Song “Take It Slow” Ft. Lhasa Petik

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Every so often when we comb through music submissions, we find a shimmering gem that jumps out at us. Today, we’re very pleased to share one of those gems with you, which comes by way of Jacksonville, Florida’s shining producer Max Fry. This irresistible new tune is called “Take It Slow” and features the Canadian Lhasa Petik on vocals.

Right off the bat we’re enchanted by Lhasa’s voice alongside some skillful ukulele plucking. What starts as a simple head-turn soon evolves into a fully enveloping groove as Max Fry’s perfectly tuned drums come in. These are some heavy 808s that you would expect to hear bumping in an SUV, but they somehow combine magically with the soft melodies. This beautifully executed juxtaposition is enough for us to smash the reply button over, and over, and over.

Stream “Take It Slow” below by Max Fry below. Enjoy!

Max Fry – Take It Slow (feat. Lhasa Petik)