PREMIERE | Meduso Drops Heavy Remix of SoDown’s “Makin Dem”

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Meduso has been steadily rising through the ranks of noteworthy bass music producers over the past few years. He’s been shaking crowds not only with his heavy, west coast-inspired sound design but also through stunning visual design skills that are on full display at his live gigs. Today, we’re excited to offer you an exclusive listen of his latest remix of SoDown’s “Makin Dem.”

SoDown’s original track already possessed a respectable amount of bass but Meduso took it upon himself to add some next level energy into it. He keeps the dub reggae-inspired vocals intact but infuses a heavier sound palette that draws heavily on classic dubstep and even metal.

Meduso’s remix is just the latest to come from SoDown’s Worlds Beyond LP and further solidifies his place among the top bass producers in today’s scene. Stream the remix below and enjoy!

SoDown – Makin Dem (Meduso Remix)