PREMIERE | Greek Producer Mihalis Safras Drops New Tech House Weapon “On The Floor”


Only one more day until Thanksgiving and we’ve got the perfect tech house banger to help you make it across the finish line today. Making his debut on TSIS today is Greek producer Mihalis Safras, with his energetic track “On The Floor.

While today’s premiere marks his first feature on the blog, Safras is no stranger to dance floors around the world. “On The Floor” is the type of track that gets the crowd going. Over a relentless 4×4 beat, Safras incorporates a vocal that repeats the refrain “this is what we’re waiting for, bring your booty on the floor.” A distorted Middle Eastern instrument is slowly incorporated, gradually making its way to the forefront of the track right before the drop.

Safras will be dropping “On The Floor” and two other equally banging tracks via Sola on Friday. Until then, you can catch this exclusive premiere using the link below. Enjoy!

Mihalis Safras – On The Floor