PREMIERE | Miilk Drops Bass Hop Banger “Straight from the Underground”


Here at TSIS we love to see innovation within the bass genre. The latest we’ve come across is bass hop, the music that duo Miilk touts as their specialty. Bass hop, which they call “a massive, gritty sound that combines underground hip-hop with heavy, energetic bass, and elements of trap and dubstep,” is on full display in their latest release “Straight from the Underground.”

This track has all the makings of a banging bass track, and then some. A trippy vocal sample that hypes us up for the drop followed by heavy womps and wubs are all part of this track’s magic. But where Miilk expands this sound is by looping a ’90s hip-hop-style keys riff through the background and throwing in record scratches. The ultimate effect is a song that tickles our ears with its high octane bass, while also pleasing our brains with its innovative use of throwback style references.

Check out “Straight from the Underground” using the link below to hear it for yourself. Enjoy!

Miilk – Straight From The Underground