PREMIERE | Rising Producer Miilk Shares Funky New Bass Tune “Unexceptional”

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This next track is a doozy folks. What happens when you mix the decisive delivery and attitude of 90’s era hip-hop with the powerful punch and dizzying sound design of bass music? You Miilk’s signature sound, bass hop, and their gritty new track, “Unexceptional.”

The sizzling keyboard line is a very strong way to start, but it only gets better from there. A seismic bass line buzzes to the forefront while the vocal chorus gets a turn table turn over that fits like a glove. The no-nonsense verse drives the old-school right into the new as a staggering cosmic drop awaits at the end to deliver the finishing blow.

We’re all aboard this bass hop sound. It’s got bang, it’s got bite, and it’s got everything you could want to crank your party up a notch. Make sure to take this weekend’s party to the moon by streaming Miilk’s grimy new track, “Unexceptional,” below. Enjoy!

Miilk – Unexceptional