PREMIERE | mIllr Unveils Wonderfully Light Indie Electronic Tune, “Ten Feet Under”


What better way to get in the springtime mood than with a vibrant instrumental. We have a sunny mid tempo tune today titled, “Ten Feet Under,” from the mind of Portland-based TV/film composer and vocalist Michelle Lauren Richards under her new persona, mIllr.

This refreshing new vibe comes to us from new label, Slightly Subversive, and is just begging to be taken for countless spins. Its whirring low end synths provide a grounding presence for the plucking strings and breezy chimes, making for an all around transcendent track. The song’s psychedelic cover art is an original encaustic (heated wax) painting by Seattle-based visual artist Chrissa Star, which is also available for purchase on the label’s online art gallery. 

I’m loving this debut song, and word is this label is embracing the genre-defying, nostalgic sounds of the 80s, 90s, and 00s focusing on mostly-instrumental trip-hop, electronica, retrowave, and alt rock/acoustic. If there’s one thing we appreciate here at TSIS, it’s boundary pushing artistic music, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on further releases. Stream mIllr’s debut single, “Ten Feet Under,” below. Enjoy!

mIllr- Ten Feet Under