PREMIERE | Miqui Brightside Delivers Dreamy New Melodic House Groove, “19 More Days”

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Miqui Brightside is a producer from Madrid, Spain who has enchanted us with his new lockdown groove, “19 More Days.” Spain was one of the hardest hit countries at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, and this charming new tune is one of the many that Miqui produced while stuck at home.

The catchy melodies that Miqui brings with this one was the first thing that caught our ears. Then the light, playful percussion melded perfectly into the mood that he was crafting. Once you hit play on this lovely little tune, you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

Here’s what Miqui had to say about this track and its title in particular:

I gave it this title because it’s the amount of days that we were supposed to have left in Spain to come back to the streets and to come back to our lives when the first house arrest happened due to the virus. ’19 More Days’ is a song that expresses without vocals that situation we all experienced; a cloud of uncertainty, nostalgia and hope that enveloped the entire world.

Check out the new Miqui Brightside track (and video) exclusively below. Enjoy!

Miqui Brightside – 19 More Days