PREMIERE | Newcomer Australian Chase Zera Shines On Moody New Single “Mess”

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Today we have the pleasure of introducing a budding Australian artist Chase Zera. If you haven’t heard of her yet, it’s probably because this is only her second single. However, you’ll surely see her name around more. Her debut song “Clovers” is barely a month old and is already seeing some great success. This time around, she’s releasing her new moody pop song “Mess” and we’re already loving it.

“Someone saw the best in me, and I so badly wanted to make it work between us. ‘Mess’ talks about the frustration and confusion I felt within myself for not having any strong romantic feelings for someone who treated me really well and deserved my time.” – Chase Zera

The song starts off with a somber piano melody, gentle percussion and soft background vocals setting the stage for Zera’s dreamy vocals to shine. Right off the bat her vibrato voice and striking songwriting hits just right. Chase Zera is set to play her debut live show at Curveball on June 8th ahead of playing support to Bag Raiders’ Australian tour so be sure to catch her live if you can. Stay tuned for more from the newcomer and enjoy!

Chase Zera – Mess