PREMIERE | Newcomer Maude Latour Impresses On Charming New Song “SUPERFRUIT”

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Today we have the pleasure of introducing an exciting new artist to the site. 19-year-old Maude Latour is a promising young artist who made quite the impression on us with her new song “SUPERFRUIT” that we have the pleasure of premiering today. The charming new pop song is infectious and will surely get stuck in your head after just one listen.

“This song came from a feeling, and I think the song feels exactly like that feeling. It’s partially about being sick of small talk, admitting how lonely I (and everyone feels all the time despite being constantly surrounded by people), but still feeling wonderful. It’s about a crush, it’s about summer. It’s about the feeling of pop rocks and orange juice, a frozen dream of driving down a high way in a car with my ponytail blowing in the wind. It’s about realizing bad guys are overrated and being afraid of death– but it’s all a wonderful feeling: the fact all of this can be true and it can still be summer time. We are so complex, happiness is so special. Superfruit. Yes. I know what it means for me, you can find out what it means to you.” – Maude Latour

It’s hard to not like Maude Latour. The freshman at Columbia university is studying philosophy and political science with ambitions to “be the first president to perform at her own inauguration.” There’s a powerful message of self-empowerment that comes along with Latour’s music and personality that’s relatable to anyone. “SUPERFRUIT” has an uplifting vibe that feels like the perfect song to toss on on a warm summer day driving around with the windows down. Stay tuned for more from this talented rising artist. Enjoy!

Maude Latour – SUPERFRUIT