PREMIERE | Niconé Transforms Enda Gallery’s “Lean On It” into Glitzy Dance Number

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The 2020 global lockdown was understandably an extremely trying time for countless people around the world. But through that trial, we saw the emergence of some truly beautiful music. Tracks like Irish artist, Enda Gallery’s, soulful alt-pop single, “Lean On It,” shared messages of mutual support inspiring many to uplift one another in a time when it was needed most. Today, as we see a cautiously hopeful world slowly try to inch its way back to normal, we see that hope infused in a vibrant reimagining of “Lean On It,” by Berlin-based producer, Niconé.

It’s hard not to smile when a track just makes you want to dance. Undulating synths cast a tastefully technicolor trance while the chorus casts a unifying spell repeating, “I’ve only got love for you. And I lean on it. Yes, I lean on It.” Digitized glints and fills dance in harmony with the buoyant keyboards inspiring a blissful sway that feels like a loving breath of fresh air, and let me tell ya, I could lean on this sway all day.

While the globe guardedly ebbs and flows into and out of normalcy, it’s become even more important for us to boost one another through the final leg of this journey. We’re excited to premiere this new single via, WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD, which encapsulates and inspires that mission in its groove. Stream Niconé’s new remix of Enda Gallery’s “Lean On It” below. Enjoy!