PREMIERE | Of The Trees Delivers New Downtempo Masterpiece “The Bellmaker” with Kala

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We’ve been closely following the rollout of Of The Trees‘ forthcoming EP, Tale of Elegos. This project is taking the sharply rising producer in a new, downtempo direction, and what we’ve heard so far has been simply mesmerizing.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer an exclusive listen to one of our favorite pieces of the EP, a track titled “The Bellmaker,” featuring Kala.

While we have always hailed Of The Trees for his one-of-a-kind sound design, this time it’s more in the background of the track instead of in your face. Instead, he lets the mysterious yet soothing vocals of Kala take the lead, supported by dark, spacious synths and of course, perfect low-end. The music feels like the soundtrack to wandering around a dense forest, not knowing what you’ll run into.

Here’s what Of The Trees had to say about this track in particular:

I absolutely adore Latin rhythms used in dancehall, reggaeton, and moombah styles. After attempting a beat inspired by that, I’m not sure I nailed anything I set out to do—but was left with a cool skeleton for an interesting song. I also really leaned into minimalism with this one…

You can get the first listen to the new Of The Trees track, “The Bellmaker,” below. The full EP is out tomorrow, October 27. Enjoy!

Of The Trees – The Bellmaker (feat. Kala)