PREMIERE | One Hope Arrives With A Gritty Electro Rock Masterpiece “Over Her”

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You ever hear a song that stirs something deep inside you? Maybe it recalls a happy memory with family. Maybe it taps an unresolved sadness. Or maybe, like our latest premiere, it ignites something darker. Our newest addition to the site is an up-and-comer who goes by, One Hope, and his new single, “Over Her,” is a powerful down-tempo electro rock track that comes to us via TRAILS’ record label, Dead Pants.

This carnal cut will have your inner demons pounding at the gate. As One Hope’s hauntingly brittle voice recounts a chilling yet stimulating encounter, an ominously sparse muffled kick and an intermittent heart-beat build a harrowing suspense. As your heart pumps one last beat, a mighty wall of fearsome growling guitars and synths crash down like a terrifyingly calm beast emerging from the shadows. There is no escape. This monstrous tune has you in its clutches.

This newcomer’s ability to convey such a wickedly lustful aura gives us a riveting glance into the depth of his production talent and creativity. Something tells me we’ll be hearing much more from the Dead Pants member in the future. Stream One Hope’s blood-curdling new track, “Over Her,” below. Enjoy!

One Hope – Over Her