[PREMIERE] Paramore – “Still Into You” Gets Huge Melodic Dubstep Remix From Synchronice [Free Download]

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Prepare yourself for a daily dose of dubstep courtesy of New Jersey producer duo Synchronice delivering a delightful new remix for our audible pleasure. Leaving the vocals on Paramore's "Still Into You" intact, the duo take the track by the reigns and add steady bursts of hard hitting electro synths leading up to a gritty yet melodic drop. Stream the premiere below and grab a free download to take on the go. Enjoy

UPDATE: This song was removed due to the remix being unofficial and Paramore's team didn't want to allow it. They went as far to threaten our server's hosting company forcing us to remove it in any form. 

Paramore – Still Into You (Synchronice Remix) 

This song has been removed due to a complaint from Paramore's Team

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