PREMIERE | Party Pupils Add Vibrant Energy to Teddi Gold’s “Pineapple Piñata” with New Remix

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If a song promises to make us feel empowered, we must listen. And listening to the new Party Pupils remix of Teddi Gold‘s “Pineapple Piñata” is like swallowing a big dose of confidence.

Teddi Gold’s original version is an infectious electro-pop track. On their remix, Party Pupils infuse it with a fun disco kick. Raising not only the BPM, but also our mood, they transform it into an anthem made for the dancefloor. With Gold’s undeniably positive lyrics about self-love and leaving your worries behind, combined with the neon-tinted synth from Party Pupils, this remix is guaranteed to get even the most reluctant people in the club up and on their feet.

Describing their partnership, Party Pupils had this to say:

Teddi Gold has a voice that I immediately connected with. When I was offered the opportunity to remix “Pineapple Piñata,” I was pumped. The original already has such a warm, sunny vibe that I wanted to flip it entirely on its head and make it a deep house club banger. I think I did just that.

And here’s what Teddi thought about the final product:

It’s like dipping ice cream in chocolate or adding gummies to a sundae. It just adds a different flavor to something you already enjoy. Giving it a fresh taste! Party Pupils took it from a summer pool party to a song you would play at a vogue runway shoot. I love what he did!

“Pineapple Piñata” is just one of the fun tracks off Gold’s latest EP Vol. 2. You can check out Party Pupils’ remix of this using the link below. Enjoy!

Teddi Gold – Pineapple Piñata (Party Pupils Remix)