PREMIERE | Phil from Havêa Delivers A Lush Lo-fi House Remix Of Flõstate’s “Home Ground”

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Fantasy R&B duo, Flõstate, first appeared on our radar last year when their debut track, “Time.” Today, we team up again with them once more for the premiere of a delightfully light remix of the duo’s sophomore offering, “Home Ground,” stemming from the mind of German producer, Phil from Havêa.

This new remake is so smooth, it’s hard to imagine it’s not the original. What started as a minimal indie electronic track is given an infectiously bouncy lo-fi house flip that has the perfect amount of groove balanced with the perfect amount of ambient breathing room. This sauce has just enough spice.

Phil had this to say on the creation of this buoyant bop:

I’d been revisiting some old project files from 2016, right when I started working on this remix, eventually leading me to re-discover that bouncy bassline and filtered sample from an older demo I’d been meaning to finish for years (inspired by the classic house bassline on The Deep’s “Love Your Brother”).The elements fit perfectly with the chords and vocals from “Home Ground” and it all just came together very quickly and organically at that point.

A little lo-fi house can go a long way, and this tasty tune is a whole meal. Stream Phil from Havêa’s silky new remix of Flõstate’s “Home Ground” below. Enjoy!

Flõstate – Home Ground (Phil from Havêa remix)