PREMIERE | pluko Shines On Soaring New Single “The Lovely One”

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Rising talent pluko, has been skyrocketing through the ranks with only two years of professional activity under his belt. The 19 year old phenom utilizes vibrant sound design and a healthy dose of bass, and tracks like “blessings made him a regular on the US festival circuit and has partnered him with the fellow sound design masters, ODESZA. Today we’re proud to partner with pluko start to premiere his latest single, “the lovely one.”

pluko’s new track is a rollercoaster instrumental.  Starting off with some ambient synth layers, the introduction of a powerful drum line injects a strong energy into the song.  After a quick rise, a wave of bright synths and a contrasting wall of thunderous bass collide like a line of sonic waves crashing into the shore. 

 “I really wanted to step outside of my comfort zone for this one. I wanted to challenge myself to create a huge burst of emotion that still kind of felt like a ‘drop’ too.  This track was a huge breakthrough for me and my journey as an artist. After I wrote it, I felt as if I had just broken down a massive wall. There’s nothing better than that feeling of being onto something fresh and exciting.”

pluko’s desire to replicate and produce emotions through sounds is something even the most seasoned producers can struggle with, and this young stud seems to have a knack for it already.  “The lovely one” will have your senses and emotions stirring like few others, and you won’t regret keeping this song on repeat. Enjoy!

pluko – the lovely one