PREMIERE | Prince Fox Blends Genres On Debut Mixtape ‘ALL THIS MUSIC, VOL. 1’

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Prince Fox has bean featured on TSIS for years. After sharing many impressive releases, the LA-based artist has taken the next step and shared his anticipated debut mixtape ALL THIS MUSIC, VOL. 1 that we have the pleasuring of premiering for you today. Coming via Dim Mak, the first ever mixtape from Prince Fox showcases his genre-blending sound mixing elements of pop and dance music effortlessly. Along with his own vocals, Fox has enlisted help from various collaborators like Quinn XCII, Bella Thorne, The Griswolds and more to grace his vibrant productions. Enjoy!

“It wasn’t until I took a step back from it all, and stopped touring, stopped being as present on social media, that I realized all I ever wanted to do was have the ability to make music as eclectic as my tastes.”

“It is with this ethos of the eclectic that I am excited to announce the first mixtape of my mixtape series ALL THIS MUSIC. Unlike my album and EPs, this mixtape and the series of mixtapes that are on cue to follow, are not bound to genre or type of collaborator, or feature – it is simply all this music that I have made, that I love, and that I want to share with you.” – Prince Fox

Prince Fox – ALL THIS MUSIC, VOL. 1