PREMIERE | Mondo Mondo Debuts Alongside pronouncedyea With New Single “Say”


pronouncedyea and debuting artist Mondo Mondo have cooked up an end-of-summer jam. Their new single “Say” is releasing tomorrow via Armada Music. This single features Pronouncedyea’s signature future bass sound spiced up with a brass ensemble of perfect horns from Mondo Mondo, carrying you on a euphoric ride through a hypnotic daze.

The acclaimed composer and multi-instrumentalist Ray Mason is the creator behind the electronic project, Mondo Mondo. His debut, partnering with pronouncedyea via an emotional, make-you-want-to-groove song like “Say,” is a pretty powerful one. The pair managed to bottle up the nostalgic feeling of the sun setting on a summer night and pack it all into one tightly mixed tune.

Though Say is pronouncedyea and Mondo Mondo’s first collaboration, we can certainly hope it won’t be their last. Blow up your speakers with this jam below and enjoy!

Pronouncedyea & Mondo Mondo