PREMIERE | Varg²™ Shares Menacing Industrial Techno Remix of Purient’s “Fantasy”


Every so often you come across a producer that makes you question everything you knew about your music tastes. Today, that sentiment is resonating due to the release of a new remix from Swedish producer Varg²™. The enigmatic artist has released some of the heaviest, industrial sounding techno we’ve heard in recent memory. Today, we’re pleased to widen our music scope to premiere a new remix he’s churned out of “Fantasy,” a track from another forward thinking artist, Melbourne’s Purient.

Varg²™’s remix here grips you with a massive rhythm right from the start, and never lets go. Purient’s original sound channels a dystopian sci-fi setting, and Varg²™ does an incredible job of morphing this into a warehouse-ready stomper. His sinister synth leads and mechanical grooves equip Purient’s vocals with serious firepower.

“Fantasy” is just one track off of Purient’s debut EP, titled Memories, which is set to drop tomorrow, March 26. If you were digging the vibe on this tune, you’ll definitely want to check out the rest of the project.

You can check out the new Varg²™ remix below. Enjoy!

Purient – Fantasy (Varg²™ Remix)