PREMIERE | Saint Sinner Drops Haunting, Atmospheric Track “Rainbow Road”


Hot off the release of her single “Couch Business”, multi-faceted artist Saint Sinner is back with another beautiful track. “Rainbow Road” takes us on a haunting, tropical journey from start to finish.

Saint Sinner is the stage name for Hannah Cottrell, who originally won us over with her vocal work with Tycho on his 2019 album Weather.

The track starts off with tribal percussion that sounds like thunder, and a gorgeous, lush vocal sample serves as the rainbow at the end of the storm. Cottrell echoes the contradictory nature of her stage name Saint Sinner in the main lyrics of the song. “In the darkness I feel lighter.” She sees herself as a composer, which is evident in the way she layers the instrumentation of the song around the vocals.

Cottrell describes how she made this track:

This is one of those songs I made in a black-hole type of experience where I lost all sense of time… I only think about the song…how the sound is perceived by the ears and the brain, and how it influences our emotion and nostalgia. The lyrics profess ‘in the darkness I feel lighter,’ which is another brilliant way to talk about the basic moral concept of Saint Sinner: the balance.

You can check out this exclusive premiere below—it will be out on streaming platforms everywhere tomorrow. Enjoy!

Saint Sinner – Rainbow Road