PREMIERE | Rising Artist Blush’ko Delivers Soulful New Song “Like A Heartbeat”


You might not have seen the name Blush’ko before, but if you follow us here on TSIS you’ve heard his music under his former name Blasko on songs like “Ms. Love“. Now the talented artist is making an appearance on the site once again for his impressive new song “Like A Heartbeat” that we have the pleasure of premiering.

“This song was the easiest song I have ever written. Tentendo and I were away on a writing camp and I walked into the room he was working in and heard this beat. I immediately started writing and melodies were pouring out of me. I sat on the bed and started writing a concept – the natural summer feel of the song and my general feeling of being in paradise.

At the time, I was seeing somebody who was really special to me, and all I wanted to do was express my gratitude for her presence in my life. I couldn’t believe that she was with someone like me. This song is about growth with a partner, the image that I get in my head is like a dead field of nothingness and then two flowers growing side by side at the same pace. Like a Heartbeat”. – Blush’ko

There’s something about Blush’ko’s smooth, soulful sound that hits just right. The slick R&B vocals float buoyantly atop the lush production courtesy of his longtime collaborator Tentendo expertly blending elements of R&B and mellow electronic production. Stay tuned for his forthcoming mixtape Blush’ko in Love Pt.2 via Majestic Casual due this May. Enjoy!

Blush’ko – Like A Heartbeat