PREMIERE | Robot Love Makes DIRTYBIRD Debut With Spine-Tingling New ‘Wallflower’ EP

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DIRTYBIRD is a label that’s known for enlisting some the most eccentric and out-of-the-box house music there is. It’s how they got their start 15 years ago, and it’s why their still so successful today. Today, we’re very pleased to introduce DIRTYBIRD’s latest signing, Robot Love, with the premiere of his sonically mesmerizing new Wallflower EP.

The sounds and melodies from Robot Love are so crisp and clean. It feels like you’re being washed over by a pristine wave of sound. This is the power of modular synthesizers. This new Wallflower EP is in fact entirely made from modular synth machines, which gives us that spine-tingling sensation. There aren’t many producers out there who are able to harness these machines with such mastery, but it’s clear Robot Love is no stranger to them.

Check out this brilliant new EP from Robot Love below and enjoy!

Robot Love – Wallflower EP