PREMIERE | Russian Artist Biicla Drops Unique Indie Electronic Gem “No Place”

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The team that brought us some of our favorite artists like Whethan and Oliver Tree have put another impressive artist on our radar. We’re stoked to be introducing the talented Biicla to the site today with the endlessly catchy song “No Place.” We don’t know much about the enigmatic artist apart from the fact that he’s from a small town in Russia called Labytnangi.

I was born in a small country Dubna, near Tula during Perestroika. The Soviet Union had broken up and here began the famous 90’s. My family was pretty ordinary, my dad had a job, my mom was looking after me. In a while, we moved to the Far North where I spent my conscious childhood. I used to be a teaser, I used to argue a lot and I did everything like I wanted to do… When we finally bought our first TV I became addicted to superhero series and cartoons. It was the moment when I decided to become the main hero of my history.  – Biicla

“No Place” showcases the distinct indie electronic sound from Biicla. He utilized some catchy vocals he got from splice, adding just the right amount of effects to effortlessly fit the unique instrumental. The production is as impressive with a pulsing bass groove, slick guitar riffs and a dance-ready backbone that’s sure to really pop off live. After just one listen this one got stuck in my head and I can’t wait to hear what else he’s sitting on. Enjoy!

Biicla – No Place