PREMIERE | Samuele Scelfo Brandishes New Weapon for Hot Creations with “Hygge”


Today we’re thrilled to introduce to the site Italian producer Samuele Scelfo, who has a potent delivery for Jamie Jones’ prolific house label, Hot Creations. Tomorrow, Scelfo will officially release his two track EP My Father In Ibiza 1988, and we’re here to give you an exclusive first listen of the hard-hitting track “Hygge.”

This tune has all the tools necessary to light up a dancefloor. The rolling bass line and pulsating low end synth will make you feel this one in your bones while a retro vocal lead dances on top of the groove. Dazzling, laser-like synths give this one some extra pizzazz and mold it into a total face-melter. DJs, this is definitely one you want in your arsenal.

Samuele Scelfo details his creative approach for this track:

When I made “Hygge” I wanted to create a stylish atmosphere that reminds me of the late 80s, with iconic toms and synths that balance the female vocal. Once I made those main sounds, I created the low end and the drums to let the track perform well in a club scenario.

You can stream the new Samuele Scelfo banger exclusively below. Enjoy!

Samuele Scelfo – Hygge