PREMIERE | SAYMYNAME Reigns Supreme with New Hard Trap Single “Run It Up”

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Some artists spend years developing and honing their style. Others fall right into it. Regardless of the time it takes, it’s a beautiful thing when an artist finds their sound. LA-based producer SAYMYNAME has his style sculpted. The godfather of hard trap prepares to drop his Dynasty EP with the premiere of a new single, “Run It Up.”

If you’ve been a SAYMYNAME fan for a bit you’ll know these introductory looping chimes are merely a cushion for our own safety. If this is your first go with the west coast bass slinger, don’t get too comfortable, it’s about to be a bumpy ride. Once the drop hits, it is physically impossible to stay still when the canon line of 808s shake the earth’s crust and screeching fills pound one after the other. SAYMYNAME has never had any regard for anyone’s neck health and frankly, we love him for that. Excuse me while I break out the ol’ neck brace.

This single is giving us a potent taste of the new EP, but according to SAYMYNAME, there are many flavors to be had.

I’m so hyped to finally release my EP, Dynasty. There’s 4 tracks that are all different versions of SAYMYNAME. It was great to have Softest Hard & Edison Cole featured on two tracks as well.

Thankfully we don’t have to wait very long to hear the rest of the project—release day is tomorrow, October 15. Stream our exclusive early premiere of SAYMYNAME’s new single, “Run It Up,” below. Enjoy!