[PREMIERE] Stephen – Remembering Myself : Indie / Future Bass [Limited Free Download]


Say hello to the artist simply known as Stephen. This artist released a song just over 2 years ago called "Bullet Train" which has gone on to rack up over 100 million streams online and transitioned the artist from taking the passion of creating music from a hobby to a life mission which he has been pursuing ever since.

Today we have the premiere of the artist's first of many original songs. He not only produced the song but is also the songwriter who wrote the song, sung it, and played every instrument on the track. The song starts out with some passionate blues styled guitar strumming that sets the tone of the artist's unique style. We hear some seriously impressive vocals singing the artists tale which then quickly moves to some energy filled future bass breakdowns. His sound comes together for a combination that is seriously unique and has us anxiously waiting for what's next. Listen to the premiere of "Remembering Myself" and grab a limited free download for the first  24 hours. This is from the new LA label / collective Halfway House who we have been informed have a series of releases with this being the very first. Enjoy!

Stephen – Remembering Myself | Limited Free Download Expired