[PREMIERE] Steve James Remixes Conrad Sewell’s “Remind Me”

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Steve James is the young producer who released his debut original "Renaissance" which has gained millions of streams after years of building up a name through various remixes. Well for his 18th birthday he's celebrating by going back to the remix game and taking on rising Australian singer Conrad Sewell's "Remind Me". He delivers a bouncy, indie dance fueled spin on the track. Here's what Steve had to share to aspiring artists on remixes:

"Remixes have always been fun for me. They offer a chance to reimagine an already great idea which makes the possibilities almost endless. With "Remind Me" I got a very unique chance to work with both gospel influences and a lot of organic sounds. I'm excited about how sticking to that palette turned out.

Listen to the premiere of the remix below and pick up your copy through iTunes today. Enjoy!

Conrad Sewell – Remind Me (Steve James Remix)