PREMIERE | Subp Yao Mystifies With Submersive New Single, “Shimmer”

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When was the last time a track teleported you to an entirely new world? If you’re overdue for a sonic escape, look no further than our latest premier, a deep diving soundscape driven tune titled, “Shimmer,” by up-and-coming artist, Subp Yao.

This latest offering finds its inspiration deep within our oceans according to the rising producer:

This album was inspired entirely by the world that exists parallel to ours, beneath the surface of the ocean. While it was the appalling pollution clogging bodies of water across the globe that originally motivated me to create this work, it was what I discovered in my research for the record that really blew me away. The unimaginable depth, the infinite darkness, the undiscovered areas, and otherworldly species, it all really struck me.

That ode to the seas becomes crystal clear as we lean into the track’s glistening chimes and whirring bass synths. As we slowly sink deeper into the sound waves, intermittent automated glints help to fill the profound void like the occasional sign of life in the middle of the vast ocean. Seriously, if you put this track in your headphones, close your eyes, and breath deep, you will find yourself immersed in an endless underwater world waiting to be explored.

This calming cut comes off Subp Yao’s inbound album, Infra Aqual, coming to us via YUKU and due out tomorrow, November 17. If we sink this deep on one single, imagine what depths we can reach in the course of a whole album. Begin your dive by streaming Subp Yao’s new single, “Shimmer,” below. Enjoy!

Subp Yao – Shimmer