PREMIERE | Supertaste Calls Us To The Dance Floor With Infectious New Groove “Burnin”

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There’s nothing like the feeling of new song pulling you to the dance floor like unstoppable tractor beam. Even if dancing isn’t your forte, when you give into to the groove and let your body flow free, there’s nothing better. Our latest premiere is an irresistible mid-tempo dance tune titled “Burnin” from NY duo Supertaste and these guys will have you catching a vibe in no time.

It all starts with the crisp keyboard playing out a chord progression stacked with attitude. As the pattering tambourine, the fat bass, and chucking guitars join the party, we teleport straight to the disco. The gold laced vocals meet us on the dance floor and the rest is history, we’ll be moving all night long.

If you don’t feel cool as a cucumber while listening to this, you might need to schedule a doctor’s appointment ASAP. Supertaste has strut their way onto the scene and they are here to stay. Stream Supertaste’s newest groove, “Burnin,” below. Enjoy!

Supertaste – Burnin