PREMIERE | SuperVision Returns From Hiatus With Fresh New Electro-Soul Song “Light Up The Night”

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It’s been years since we’ve had the pleasure of having SuperVision on the TSIS. He’s taken a several year hiatus from music, and is back in style! Today we have his fresh new track “Light Up The Night” featuring Josh Rubin that we’re stoked to have the premiere for today.

“I never planned on taking so long between publishing my last original work and the new wave that has arrived, but it happened…my bad y’all. Simply put, the strife of the artist journey, real life stuff, working on other projects, putting the next chapter of releases on a pedestal, forgetting how short life is, and how to just say “fuck it let’s put it out”. Then being ready and trying not to short change it, but balance both trains of thought. As far as the creative side goes, at first I was trying not to depend on samples as much. I got popped for using one without clearing it, and that stung. In a way the delay began as me trying to develop my composition skills and sound design to rival sampling. I was doing so “in the box” as we call it. I wanted to see how much I could do with just a laptop and minimal external instrumentation. Not to say I don’t want to work with musicians or record instruments, I just wanted to take this challenge on and develop it out. For you producers out there, Kontakt library was huge for that. Later I started dabbling in the CDJ world and revisiting my roots in house music. If you don’t already know, my entire journey in music began exploring the rave scene in the late 90’s in my hometown of Dallas, Texas. You’ll hear that sound more in my releases to come, but for now I’m stoked to deliver what I believe is a quality product to my fans that have been riding with me on this journey.” SuperVision

SuperVision picks things up right where he left off. The genre-blending track mixes elements of soul, funk, hip-hop and electronic music coming together in the best way. The crunching basslines, dreamy melodies, punching production and slick synths make the laid back foundation for Rubin’s soulful vocals to shine. Welcome back SuperVision! We’re stoked to hear what else is coming, but for now – enjoy!

SuperVision – Light Up The Night