PREMIERE | Thor Rixon Asks “Why Don’t You Love Me” In New Funky Dream Pop Single

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South-African born artist Thor Rixon has been exploring his own unique brand of house and funk-infused dream pop over the last few years. Today, we couldn’t be happier to introduce him to the site with the exclusive premiere of his latest disco-laden feeler, “Why Don’t You Love Me.” The music, the look, the dance moves, the confidence—whatever this guy’s selling, we’re buying.

Rixon’s new jam effortlessly blends elements of ’70’s disco, modern-day pop, and melodic house, flexing his genre-blending prowess tenfold. A band of funk-inspired synths, a slicked back bass line, and a bongo led drum kit rolls out a contagious groove from square one. The infectious sound is layered beneath Rixon’s airy, dreamy, and frankly perfect vocals to yield a truly irresistible track that will have you bobbing in less than ten seconds.

Rixon’s latest bop is a crisp, fresh take on dream pop as a genre. “Why Don’t You Love Me” is certain to have every listener movin’ and groovin’ as well as relating to the all-too-familiar lyrics about painfully unrequited love. Stream dream pop-pioneer, Thor Rixon’s, new track, “Why Don’t You Love Me” below. Enjoy!

Thor Rixon – Why Don’t You Love Me