PREMIERE | Tiedye ky Shares Heartfelt Video For “Living Right Now,” Launches Pipus Forever Mural Project


Today we are eager to share with you a sincere music video that comes along with a wholesome tribute project. Tiedye ky, an artist who has caught our ear as of recent, has shared the visual for his standout track “Living Right Now,” off his debut album Baby Blue and the Super Moon.

“Living Right Now” holds special meaning to Ky, as it’s meant to pay respects to his late friend Matthew “Pipus” Larsen. Pipus was one of the founding members of Public Cinema Club, a Philly-based production company that also uploaded hilarious comedy skits.

The “Livin’ Right Now” music video is a tribute to my late homie Pipus. When I heard of his passing, I didn’t believe it at first. I almost laughed and thought “man he really got us this time, this will be his ultimate skit. It’s his way of putting on his greatest show.” He was always smiling, always laughing so hard. His presence in a room outshined and broke down the very walls he stood within. 

When I got home from his funeral, I wallowed in front of my computer for a bit before writing easily one of my favorite songs ever in a single session. From start to finish, I spilled my emotions in one swift motion. Matt and Kenny, I love you. Thank you for everything.

In honor of Pipus, Ky has started the Pipus Forever Mural Project, which aims to have a mural put up of Pipus somewhere in Philadelphia. The initiative has launched with a petition to the city as well as a GoFundMe to raise money for the project. We’re happy to help get the word out about this project for someone contributed so much and is cherished by their community.

For more info on the Pipus Forever Mural Project, follow this link. You can watch the music video for Tiedye ky’s “Living Right Now” below.

Tiedye ky – Living Right Now