PREMIERE | Tim Ayre Shines On Breezy New Indie Pop Jam “I Want It”

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Australian product, Tim Ayre, has started making big waves on the other side of the globe. His 2019 debut EP released to high praise, and today the young Aussie is back with his first release of 2020, a breezy summertime jam titled “I Want It,” coming to us via legendary French label Kitsune.

The lightweight yet dynamic production of this track is so refreshing to the ear, but even more impressive is the fact that every piece was written and played by Ayre himself. This talented multi-instrumentalist entwines full on vocal choirs, impossibly lush keyboards, skipping drum patterns, and the most tasteful synthesizer fills for an absolute gem of a tune that will instantly teleport you to sunny Australian coast.

This new single is just cool as a cucumber, and will undoubtedly brighten anyone’s day, and we’d expect nothing less from Australia’s booming songwriting scene. Stream Tim Ayre’s newest jam, “I Want It,” below. Enjoy!

Tim Ayre – I Want It