PREMIERE | Timmy Trumpet Brings Nostalgic Synthwave Vibes With “Armageddon (Chill Mix)”

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Timmy Trumpet is bringing back synthwave in style. He’s teamed up with Florian Picasso on their new forthcoming “Armageddon” release, and we’re stoked to premiere Timmy Trumpet’s Chill Mix of the track right here. The full release is this weekend via Dim Mak.

The chilled out mix of “Armageddon” sports a side of Timmy Trumpet that the festival circuit may not be used to. Staying close to the synthwave style that we love, Timmy successfully created an atmosphere that is both driving in nature yet calm at heart. Huge retro-like synths fill the space alongside Florian’s airy vocals which float on top. To really drive the emotive nostalgic feeling home, we’re carried through by a steady disco beat that’s present throughout the piece.

It’s amazing to see these two artists combine their talents, in their two different flavors, yet into one congruent idea. You can listen to Timmy Trumpet’s Chill Mix of “Armageddon” now, below. Enjoy!

Timmy Trumpet & Florian Picasso – Armageddon (Timmy Trumpet Chill Mix)