PREMIERE | Tommy La Croix† Melds Global Influences on New Downtempo Track “Requiem D’amour”


Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Tommy La Croix†, a new moniker for the talented DJ Thomas H. “Requiem D’armour“, the latest single off his debut album, is one of the coolest songs we’ve heard recently.

Samples of waves crashing on the shore are the first things that greet our ears. It sets the stage for a seductive song that transports us to a moonlight beach in Jamaica; in other words, it sounds like it could be in a James Bond movie. From there, La Croix introduces Latin guitar lines and European beats set over seductive Caribbean-style shakers and percussion. All these global influences blend together to create an alluring, mysterious track that takes us on a sonic voyage around the world.

La Croix is set to release his debut album on September 17 via Aquarius Records. Until then, you can check out the eponymous leading single using the link below. Enjoy!

Tommy La Croix† – Requiem D’amour