PREMIERE | Trevor Hall Delivers Powerful Message With New Single “Fire On Your House”

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Considering the day and age that we’re currently living in, the amount of artists willing to commentate on current events or even just show a shred of social consciousness seems to be dwindling. That’s why it’s so refreshing to know that there are those out there who will still be that voice that we’re all looking for. Count singer-songwriter Trevor Hall among those few.

Known primarily for his folk and roots influenced sound, Hall has developed a songwriting approach which incorporates Eastern mysticism as his career has progressed. This has allowed him to forge a deep emotional connection with both his own music and fans alike. His new single “Fire On Your House” is an excellent example of this symbiosis at play.

With a relentless percussion section accompanied by simplistic yet cryptic banjo-picking and deeply metaphorical lyrics, this track is one that will prompt a visceral emotional reaction from even the most detached of listeners. He’s speaking to those of us who have tried one approach, but are now fed up and have resigned to watching the proverbial house burn. It’s powerful stuff, and not something that any of us should take lightly. You’ll find a link to the music below. Enjoy!

Trevor Hall – Fire On Your House