PREMIERE | Tutara Peak Drops Lush New Song “Light Fills the Room” with Zes

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We love songs that take us on adventures. British producer and songwriter Tutara Peak’s newest single, a collaboration with Zes called “Light Fills the Room” is the latest track to grab us by the ears and throw us into new territory.

Immediately he plunges us into a jungle of lush and intricately layered sound. On the top layer we get chimes and xylophone effects, which float along a pitched up, distorted vocal sample that’s been turned into the main melody of the song. Punctuating this is an emotional, reverb heavy guitar riff that makes various appearances throughout the track, while underneath is an undercurrent of steady bass synth. The array of music is almost dizzying at times, but exhilarating. By the end of the tune, echoing vocals emerge, repeating the refrain “whenever I’m lost, your light fills the room.” This heartfelt lyric perfectly describes the feeling of hope that bubbles up inside us.

This organic track is just a sneak peak of the rest of Tutara Peak’s EP Tansuri, which is debuting everywhere tomorrow. Until then, you can check out “Light Fills the Room” exclusively below.

Tutara Peak – Light Fills the Room (feat. Zes)