Premiere | TWERL Goes Wild In New Wonky Uptempo Bass Track “Killerz”

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If you’re relatively well versed in the world of electronic music, you’ve probably come across the sweet slimy realm of bass music. However, today’s premiere by Australian product, TWERL, breaks the typically downtempo mold with a fiery uptempo bass track titled “Killerz,” out now via Elysian Records.

This latest offering may start with an ominously calm intro, but this is merely the calm before the storm. A machine gun-esque snare drum rises into a gnarly drop punctuated by some wonky assorted synths and growling metallic samples quickly stabbing back and forth between intermittent blasts of bass. This track’s wild combo of heavy yet dynamic energy is like masterfully controlled chaos. My body can’t decide if it should head banging, dancing, or mopping up my melted face, and I absolutely love it. 

TWERL went all the way in on this calamitous cut and came out with an absolute gem. We recommend taking a moment to mentally prepare yourself because TWERL’s new track, “Killerz,” is straight up mind melter. Stream below, and enjoy!

TWERL – Killerz