PREMIERE | TWO LANES Impress On Vibrant 8-Track ‘Drifting’ EP

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TWO LANES are a brotherly duo we’ve been all about lately. They’ve landed premieres on TSIS for standout tracks like “Back Down,” “Common Ground,” “Away” and more. The group consisting of Rafa & Leo have had consistent output since they first started putting out music in early 2018. Now they’re here to showcase this consistency with a strong new Drifting EP that’s we’re pleased to be premiering today.

Their production and sound design has been put on display in the past, and they’re at the top of their game once again. On top of this, the songwriting and instrumentation is impressive throughout. The EP kicks off with a somber piano ballad before kicking into gear. They show a knack for crafting beautiful soundscapes that sound as well on their own as instrumentals as they do with vocals. The two have a a way of blending various sounds and genres making for a 8-track project that highlights indie, electronic, pop and more in the best way. You’ll certainly want to keep an eye on TWO LANES going forward and don’t sleep on their new EP out now via Lowly. Enjoy!

TWO LANES – Drifting