PREMIERE | Uma Burel Displays An Explosion Of Sound With “These Idols Have Been Dead (To Me)”

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Uma Burel, who’s based in Berlin, has a wildly unique sound that we’re excited to share with you. Tomorrow, he’ll be dropping a three-track EP, titled These Idols Have Been Dead (To Me) on Justin Jay’s eclectic label, Fantastic Voyage. Today, we’re exclusively premiering the EP’s title track, a glorious journey of sonic experimentation.

Layered, ambient vocals give the beginning of “These Idols Have Been Dead (To Me)” an eerie, yet inviting feel; it begs the listener to discover what is around the next turn. Soon after, jarring synth work backed by immaculate, techno-inspired percussion sets “These Idols Have Been Dead (To Me)” apart from all the rest in terms of its sound design. The music coming out of Berlin has long been ahead of its time, and Uma’s work is no different.

According to a press release, Burel drew inspiration for “These Idols Have Been Dead (To Me)” by observing the unfortunate fusion of artistry and capitalism. The track and EP’s title refers to pop-culture icons that society places on a high pedestal, and how these idols should most be questioned.

Stream “These Idols Have Been Dead (To Me)” below and be sure to check out the rest of Burel’s EP, which will be released tomorrow. Enjoy!

Uma Burel – These Idols Have Been Dead (To Me)