PREMIERE | Vanilla Ace Delivers Shimmering Tech House Remix of Sirrah & Eli James’s “Hold On”


The UK house scene always seems to be booming. VinylMatt Music, despite only being formed in 2021, is the latest label to break through the noise to deliver us high-quality rave tracks. The newest tune coming from them is “Hold On” by Sirrah & Eli James, to which fellow British producer Vanilla Ace gives an exhilarating remix.

This remix retains the warmth and summery vibe of the original. However, Vanilla Ace unleashes a relentless tech house groove here, completely transforming it into a hard-hitting, dancefloor weapon. A slight reverb effect on these vocals is the final puzzle piece needed to conjure up glittering disco ball images.

Vanilla Ace’s remix, along with the original track from Sirrah & Eli James, will be released everywhere April 1. Until then, you can only check it out below. Enjoy!

Sirrah & Eli James – Hold On (Vanilla Ace Remix)