PREMIERE | VNSSA & Lenny Kiser Reunite On “When Will I See You” On Walker & Royce’s New Label

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VNSSA is definitely one of our favorite rising house artists of the moment. Every new release shows the depth she has as a producer, and her latest is no exception. Part of SPLITS, the new series of releases from Walker & Royce’s label Rules Don’t Apply, When Will I See You” sees the artist reuniting with fellow forward-thinking producer Lenny Kiser.

Featuring vocals from Neon Super Black, “When Will I See You” delves into a banging bass line from the start. VNSSA and Kiser sprinkle in various synths, ranging from organ sounds to vintage electronic arps. The vibe at the beginning is almost a little melancholy before the drop comes crashing in, reminding the listener not to take life too seriously.

“When Will I See You” actually marks the third track from the pair this year, the first two released as an EP on DIRTYBIRD. VNSSA described their partnership as:

Lenny is very easy to work with. He’s open to new ideas and making changes and is always willing to try something different, which I think is such an important quality to have as a producer. When you take chances and break the rules, that’s when the magic happens.

We caught up with both VNSSA and Lenny for this premiere. You can check out our conversation about the release below, as well as an exclusive stream of “When Will I See You.” Enjoy!

VNSSA & Lenny Kiser – When Will I See You

Launching a new series on a fresh label, how did the approach for this release differ from others in the past? 
VNSSA: It’s so exciting to be on the first “Splits”  EP on RDA. I’ve loved Walker and Royce and everything they’ve put out for so long, to be able to release on their long-awaited label is so crazy to me. It’s very surreal. 
Lenny Kiser: The collaborative concept behind the “Splits” series on Rules Don’t Apply is so cool. Our approach with this one was to make a memorable minimalistic banger. We only wanted to put in the elements that were absolutely necessary. We also switched it up by working with a new vocalist, Neon Super Black who absolutely crushed it!
There are so many great spine-tingling moments on this track, is there a particular piece that is your favorite and why? 
VNSSA: I think my favorite parts are the little vocal chops of Morgan’s (aka Neon Super Black) voice. It gives the track some spice and keeps it moving nicely. I also like the big arp that comes in after the second drop. Nothing like a change in the second half to keep everyone’s attention.

Lenny Kiser: My favorite part of the track is the lead synth line on the second drop. I wanted us to have a melodic element to contrast with the rest of the track.

If you could play this track out to a crowd in any location with no restrictions, where would it be?


VNSSA: In the middle of the ocean from a hot air balloon.
Lenny Kiser: If I could play this anywhere, I’d say Movement festival in Detroit!