PREMIERE | West Coast Duo Playyard Releases Dreamy New Single “OMM” With Brooke Sierra

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Playyard is the Santa Barbara based indie duo that is making waves in the RnB and Pop world. The two recently sold out their debut headlining show to more than 400 people at El Cid in their hometown of LA, and have a string of steady releases soon to come. We are absolutely thrilled to invite them back onto the website via premiere of their beautiful new single, “OMM,” with Brooke Sierra.

“OMM”, or “On My Mind,” is an incredibly catchy and soothing track. The boys have an ear for a clean and alluring sonic palette with a knack for hooking you in. The track is guitar and vocal driven, accompanied by an upbeat and attractive drum beat, that’s very reminiscent of memories along sunny shores. Without the risk of becoming saccharine, Playyard kept the lyrics honest and relatable.

“On My Mind is homage to that relationship with someone who you know isn’t right for you but there is something about him or her that keeps pulling you back in.”

The track is also in collaboration with fellow Santa Barbara based singer Brooke Sierra who compliments the track elegantly to bring it all together.

The duo met back in their freshman year of college where they connected deeply on their desire to make music that keeps you young. Sticking to the ideals of childhood when you could be yourself without fear of any form of judgement or concern for societal norms. This carefree attitude is incredibly translated into their latest release and throughout their project as a whole, and that’s what makes Playyard so enticing.

You can listen to “OMM” now, exclusively, below, and be sure to support the artists by pre-saving the track. Enjoy!

Playyard – OMM (with Brooke Sierra)