An Entire Pretty Lights Live Set from 2008 Has Surfaced on YouTube

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While it may be difficult to be a Pretty Lights fan right now with the lack of music releases and general radio silence from his end, we’ve found something that his fans will love. While sleuthing around the internet, we stumbled upon a high-quality recording of a Pretty Lights live set from Recreation Festival in 2008.

Pretty Lights isn’t shy about uploading his full sets to YouTube, but this one was shared by a fan, and has seemed to gone overlooked as it only has less than 2,000 views. What’s even more wild is that this video was originally uploaded in 2016. Even though this isn’t an official upload, the audio and video quality is as good as it can get for 2008.

During the time of this recording, PL had just released Filling Up The City Skies, his sophomore project, which happened to be a double album.

You can check out the full video fo the 2008 Pretty Lights performance below. This one was a real treat. Enjoy!

Pretty Lights live @ Recreation Festival 2008