Pretty Lights & Streetwear Brand Akomplice Collaborate On Festival Essentials Kit

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Here’s a Pretty Lights collaboration you probably didn’t think you’d hear about. The beloved Colorado based producer has teamed up with a beloved Colorado based streetwear company, Akomplice. Akomplice has partnered up with a wide array of artists in the past, such as Joey Bada$$, GRiZ, MF DOOM, and plenty more. They can add Pretty Lights to that list as well with this new piece.

The two have come up with a limited edition essentials kit crafted specifically to enhance your summer music festival experience. It’s simply called, “The Kit,” and it contains a variety of items and tools that could prove incredibly useful in many settings. There’s walkie talkies, an Akomplice AK grinder, a bandana, toiletry bag, a notebook, Palo Santo incense, a crystal cube to reflect light, and a really dope WWII style trench lighter. Included is also a nylon trench windbreaker that fits inside its own pocket.

This whole kit is as fresh as it sounds and would be valuable to any festival goer. Check out more information on “The Kit” via Akomplice’s web store. Enjoy!

akomplice x PL

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