Pretty Lights Appears To Be Up To Something…

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There’s been some notable activity from Pretty Lights over the past couple of days that may be a hint at something more to come.

Considering it’s been a whopping seven years since the last full-length album from the electronic maestro (2013’s A Color Map Of The Sun), many of us PL fans are looking for any sign of new music. Here are a couple things we’ve noticed that are giving us hope for something new soon.

First, yesterday, Pretty Lights completely wiped his Instagram account yet again. He’s done this before, but the timing now seems significant. The only post that was on there was a screenshot of a note that announced his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. What would be the point in going back to 0 posts, unless he perhaps was getting ready to promote something. Hmm…

The second point is much more direct. Last night, Alvin Ford Jr., a member of the band Dumpstaphunk—and also one of the drummers from the Pretty Lights Live Band—posted a story of him hanging out with Derek. In the background of the video, Derek is seen playing some music that we’ve never heard before. The video is short, but they’re both vibing out hard to what could potentially be new PL music or a new project all together. Check out the video.

Last night story from Alvin shows Derek in the background…. SOOON????? Any thoughts? from r/prettylights

The music is very dark, and a shift in the usual tempo that we’re used to hearing from Pretty Lights, but considering it’s been so long since we’ve heard any new music (three years since “Rainbows & Waterfalls“), who knows what he’s been up to.

This is some of the most activity we’ve seen from DVC in years. Since 2016, he’s been teasing new music in a variety of different ways, and even led us to believe that something big would be happening in 2020 at the end of last year. Well, we’re approaching the end of 2020, and there’s still time for something to drop. We’ll be watching Dereck very closely over the last quarter, as we’re as hungry for new Pretty Lights music as you are… Stay tuned.